Lorena Pharmacy History

Serving you and your family since 1922

The history of Lorena Pharmacy began in 1922 when a small pharmacy opened called Warnacks Pharmacy. The brick building originally stood on the corner of Jane and Stevenson Street, now known as Lorena Street and Whittier Blvd. In 1928 the family that currently operates Lorena Pharmacy bought an interest in the pharmacy. The original store was quite small and had an 11 stool soda fountain where ice cream sodas sold for 15 cents. Most of the prescriptions were compounded and made by our pharmacists from bulk chemicals. Pharmacists could be seen compounding formulas using a mortar and pestle.

The store was later remodeled and the outside had a completely new look with the Rexall colors of bright blue and orange being evident on the tiles and signs. In 1942 the name was changed to Lorena Pharmacy to reflect its location on that street. The building was remodeled several more times over the next 40 years, but eventually earthquakes and decades of time prompted the old brick pharmacy building to be torn down and a new pharmacy building to be constructed.

Today, Lorena Pharmacy is a very popular destination for healthcare. Building on our extensive experience with patient care and pharmacy technology, today’s customer experience at Lorena Pharmacy is much more cutting edge than days past. Utilizing robotic filling computers and detailed software systems, Lorena Pharmacy is able to provide our patients with fast service while maintaining the best in patient care. All patient profiles are screened by computers for drug interactions, incompatibilities, allergies, and inappropriate dosages. Insurance plan formularies are reviewed for coverage criteria and alternatives suggested. Pharmacist counseling, and pharmacist review of all patient medications, are part of the process leading to the best possible care for our patients. In addition, detailed patient counseling sessions (Medication Therapy Management) are readily available should our patients desire more in depth therapy review. Customer service is our priority and it keeps families coming back to our store generation after generation.